daniel fast tips

Please Note: We do not own these recipes or tips, we are sharing them to help you on your journey. They are for informational purposes only. It is important to always consult your Doctor before you begin any kind of health style change, so please do so if you have a pre existing health condition as well.

DAILY DEVOTIONALS can be found on the You Version app or by searching online. There are many apps available that you can use to find resources for your journey.

STAY INVOLVED and ask any leader for help if you need more ideas or a prayer partner. 

TUESDAY NIGHT PRAYER is at 7 pm. Join the church at prayer night for encouragement, deliverance, worship, healing, etc...

PURCHASE A JOURNAL and entitle it "Fasting Journal". Write down any thoughts, experiences, etc.. that you come across on your fasting journey. You will always be able to look back on it for encouragement and revelation. You will see things come to pass that God had impressed on you as well.

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